Tuesday, June 21, 2016

This blog is over

I've deleted everything and moved to a place where I can't get internet. Why? Because comedy has died and the internet has killed it.

Because everyone now has the same exact sense of humor, while also thinking that their sarcasm, silliness or offensiveness is somehow unique.

Because everyone now has five basic jokes or alterations of them that they repeat constantly.

Because everyone speaks exactly in one unique way, with the same cute phrases, in the same illusion of idiosyncrasy.

Because everyone is hysterically angry on one side of an issue or the other.

Because everyone thinks they have a psychology degree who can diagnose from a distance every time there is a national tragedy, and their diagnosis very neatly and totally coincidentally fits into their pet-cause narrative.

Because using social media is like driving with road rage in a bumper car ride.

Because I'm tired of dealing with people who only communicate through a comment box. The internet is poisoning you, and has created a new world of which I'm choosing to not take part in.

So I escaped the monotony of being a unique human snowflake on social media and moved off the grid. However, since moving off the grid, I've heard (on my very rare excursions to a cafe with wifi) that moving off the grid is now the big new fashion trend.

We are all the same monkey clone in a plastic cage. Our chamber echoes every bit of information so much that the feedback is deafening. Goodbye.